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STD 1 home learning Youtube Live Link 2021

Day Wise Reading Material. Primary School DD Saptagiri Video lessons for 1st to 5th Classes from 10th June 2021 to 30th June 2021. Gujarat Schools Bridge Course Class wise and Subject wise Schedule in Youtube Doordarshan Channel. Bridge Course DD Saptagiri Video lessons for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Class online link. DD Saptagiri Video lessons for 1st to 5th Classes – Doordarshan Channel day wise schedule and topics.

Bridge Course and Video Lessons through Doordarshan for Classes 1 to 5 Instructions, Schedule released by AP School Education. Doordarshan Channel Classes proceedings download. DD Saptagiri Doordarshan Bridge Course Schedule Classes 1 to 5. Youtube Bridge Course Classes and Video Lessons through Doordarshan.

E School STD 2 Bridge Course Video 

DD Girnar Live TV "Bridge Course Live Link" Videos for Std three to 1, Study at Home Video Learning Material on line DD Girnar Youtube, SSA Gujarat. Home Learning Program 10/06/2021 Videos [STD three to 1] for GCERT | Study From Home by means of DD Girnar, DIKSHA. There is a getting to know software commenced with the aid of Gujarat Education Department for college students of Std. three to 12, which is known as "Home Learning Program.

It is broadcast with the aid of Doordarshan's TV channel DD Girnar. The video can additionally be considered on the DIKSHA portal. This is a very appropriate collaboration between SSA and GCERT for STD- 3 TO 12 students to learn about on line at home. 

Bridge Course Live Link

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DD Girnar Live TV Chennel

In this regard, teachers, parents, SMC members, aware residents as properly as college students are requested to inform about this "home learning" program. The Department of Education has prepared a "Home Learning" software for the college students of Std. three to eight and Std. 9 to 12 from 15/06/2020 so that the college students can find out about at domestic due to the Corona epidemic. According to the date and time indicated, 

Latest News Education Department 2021

The college students of that preferred will be capable to examine this application besides fail and in order to develop in their educational work, they will at once inform the principals and instructors from your stage and make quintessential preparations for the success of the program.Bridge Course

Bridge courses in English and Maths for newly admitted students are conducted every year before the commencement of our Orientation week and first semester classes. The main objective of the courses is to bridge the gap between these subjects studied at school level (some of which they may have forgotten over the years) and the basic level courses at the University level.

For English, apart from basic knowledge of reading and speaking, students also need to be able to listen to, understand and write academic assignments in grammatically correct and coherent language. Since the medium of teaching at the University is English, this becomes all the more pertinent and we do not want them to miss out on any learning because of language lags. After all, every deserving student has a right to learn irrespective of the language they speak and understand and it is our responsibility to make sure they come up to speed so that 


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